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    A basic website is comprised of a domain and hosting. A domain, generally is the name of the website or its URL. Domain is also referred to as host name. A domain is necessary if you want to develop a website. Alongside an acceptable domain name, having a hosting is also mandatory. Hosting for a website is a service which allows you to post any data or material onto the web page. Basically, anything you upload to a website is done on its hosting and in even more simpler terms, hosting is the main body a website. Similarly, web hosting service provider is a company which provides its services to people/ organizations who want their webpage to be visible on the internet. Such a service, Cloudways Hosting is discussed here. Cloudways is a paid service; however, it provides its users with trial period which is known as Cloudways Free Trial. Is it worth it to use this service? Let’s find out.


    When a person wants to access your website, he simply types your web address aka your domain name into the search bar. Whatever information or data is present onto your website/page is through the hosting which you have purchased. Without having a hosting service, it is nearly impossible to run a website. Cloudways is a well-known hosting providing service which has good reputation in the market. Cloudways hosting was founded in 2009 and their headquarters are located on the island of Malta in Europe. Its aim is to provide its users with fast performing, and seamless web hosting service so that its users can fully focus and grow their business.


    Cloudways hosting service is mostly used to professional online workers who require advanced and long term services, making this company very popular and in demand. They provide new users with a 14 days free cloudways trial period in which they can assess whether or not this is the hosting they need for their website.




    The Cloudways hosting service is packed with several features which allow its users to get the most out of the hosting service.

    1. First and foremost, Cloudways offer a 24/7 expert access feature. This is very useful feature especially for people who are just stepping into the online world. As newbies, people have lots of questions regarding the services they are using and paying for a service you are unclear about can be a very hard decision to take. Therefore, an expert access feature allows you to clear your doubts anytime.

    2. An efficient and extremely alert security system. Cloudways servers operate with dedicated firewall which has a sole purpose just to protect your website and nothing else. Their security system has also been rated as the one of the most popular content management system. As a result of this unique security system, hackers trying to attack your website also face a pretty hard time and 99 out of 100 won’t able to get through the security protocols.

    3. Built in SSL certificate at the time of hosting installation. Usual hosting plans come without SSL certificate. SSL certificates are necessary, rather extremely necessary for your website’s security. However, most hosting services come without a SSL certificate. This is not the case with Cloudways though. Cloudways hosting pre installs SSL certificate when you are installing hosting service. This means that you will not have to go through a hassle of installing the SSL certificate manually and will save time as well as effort.

    4. For further enhancing its security, CLoudways have added a two factor authentication feature. This allows you to further protect against any malware or attacker leaving your website extra secure. This feature also shows that Cloudways service cares a lot for its users and is not only concerned to their business.

    5. Setting up the hosting service is extremely easy and is done through one click. This means that newbies can handle the process very easily and donot require any other web developer to assist them and therefore, save money.

    6. There is also an auto healing service that resolves minor issues by itself without letting its users know.


    Cloudways is one unique service which, when it comes to features offers a wide range of advanced sets and when it comes to pricing, offers great flexibility for its users. They offer many packages which makes this service affordable to a wide range of users. No matter which package you buy, the features remain the same and the site speed also never crashes.

    Cloudways has another distinctive feature of offering its users with 14 day trial plan in which they can get the most out of the hosting experience and can decide better if they want cloudways hosting service for their website or not. Getting this free trial is a fairly simple process and requires no special information or tutorial. You just need to signup on their website using your email address, username and you may or may not need to input your payment information when signing up. After this, you need to select the 14 day trial option which is clearly visible under the pricing tab.

    After this is done, the remaining process is fairly simple. You have to link your already purchased domain with the hosting service you just signed up for. How to link your domain to the hosting is a topic for another day. Then, you are done! You can start working on your website easily just like you would on a hosting you have paid for.


    If you have fully used the 14 day trial period and is impressed by the service Cloudways is offering then you can add your card details (if you have not done that before) and can purchase the package which pleases you the most. Cloudways cheapest hosting service is just $5.00 per month which is an amazing price for such package and is also the best for small blogs or businesses. Furthermore, you can also a Cloudways Promo Code which can further decrease the hosting prices making this service the best you can ever get.

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